this is a blog about Orpheus. the author is a recent graduate of Columbia University (BA, Major in Music), and an aspiring conductor of classical music.
this blog began as an aid to/record of the author's thesis project, which investigated the depiction of Orpheus throughout the course of musical history. the results of the project (three concerts and a paper) are either already posted on this blog or in the process of being posted. feedback on all aspects of the project are welcome - especially since the author hopes to continue work on Orpheus in the future.
every now and then i write about my life too, but i try to keep things mostly Orphean here.
"NNVSNU TSRUNGH" roughly translates to "I'm afraid I exist", and is a tip of my hat to the great novelist Russell Hoban, without whose books i would not have found the head of Orpheus. • Ask me something.